Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting high again in Colorado

Getting high in the Caribbean is easy if not legal. Everywhere you go you see mellow people rolling giants zoots and you come across marijuana plants pretty often. We saw some as we hiked around Indian Creek last week. However it is still illegal and the locals do get busted from time to time. As a result there is a popular song that gets a lot of plays about going to Amsterdam to the “smoke” shops to get a legal high.

Well I am here in Denver and I guess I am high at least 5000 feet and going to get higher as I drive up to the ski resorts. but it was a shock to find pages and pages of advertisements in local free papers for marijuana and how to obtain and grow it legally in Colorado.

Colorado removed state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess written documentation from their physician affirming that he or she suffers from a debilitating condition and advising that they “might benefit from the medical use of marijuana.” They can possess up to two ounces of a usable form of marijuana and they or their primary caregivers can legally possess no more than six marijuana plants, with three or fewer being mature flowering plants that are producing a usable form of marijuana.
So you really can get high in Colorado.

I guess John Denver new what was going to happen when he wrote “Rocky mountain high in Colorado.”

Stoners rule in Denver! Bob Marley would like it here!

They even have competitions to compare brands and award trophies.

I am off to do some on site research tomorrow.

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