Friday, February 4, 2011


We moved to Indian Creek to get away from the party music that will boom out all Friday and Saturday night at Falmouth harbour.

After topping off our water tanks at the marina [- boy was I nervous as I manouvered around multi million dollar mega yachts! ] we headed out past the splendid copper stripe that marks the entrance to Falmouth.

We snuck in past the magnificent estate [$14million] owned by the rock icon Eric Clapton.

We parked ourselves in the inner pool which we have had to ourselves most of the time except for the pelicans and one white heron who fish around us all day.

The snorkeling has been excellent in the outer part of the harbour.

Mind you this barracuda did a quick 'drive by' checking us out.

Just a reminder that it is a fish eat fish world down here.

However best of all is the peace, perfect peace we enjoy at night. Serenity is a thing greater than money.

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