Friday, April 22, 2011


The local guys were out getting some practice in but their races doon't start till tomorrow.

I wondered for some time what this strange object that had arrived last night under tow but now think it is an upside down barge! How did this happen? Parked in the course too!

The prestart manouvres were enlivend by this charter boat blundering through the melee.

I am not sure if this was one of the crew who had been practicing spinnaker hoists yesterday but yet another wrap.

They got it sorted out though and everybody headed off on a downwind run.

This was a colourful class mostly French and they were

pretty clued up on their boat handling and good at the intimidation with much shouting too as they rounded the mark together.

By this time the cruising class was starting

spot the solar panels

wind generator

radar SAT DOME and red hats!

Nice shiny bottom paint too!

The first boat home was one of the French boats with crisp paper sails. My battery was flat so did not get a pic. A group of J24s finished with a few seconds of each other and everybody had big grins, nothing like a close race but the biggest fist pump came from the leading boat.

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