Sunday, April 17, 2011

ST LUCIA and a major RANT

First of all I wish that the Microsoft nerd that forced my lappie to update to IE9 have his garden infested with fire ants, his TV remote default to the weather channel and his car to develop a random misfire on every intersection.

Internet Explorer 9 produced some random failures across my entire system. I know I have a slightly weird set up but it has NO BUSINESS SCREWING UP MY JAVASCRIPT APPLETS. Amongs all the other problems I have been unable to post to the blog until I dismantled some of the forced setups. AND SPELCHEKER IS GORNE WILKABOUT.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hours of wasted blundering about in the dark reaches of Windows Vista and IE9 setup.

The first time I have a week to mess with my system it is LINUX and CHROME for me.

Anyway I am in the lagoon in St Lucia after a gentle sail down from Martinique. So gentle that the bucket of water I collected in the rain in Marin was still 3/4 full when I arrived despite seeing some 7s on the way down.

The lagoon is being filled with IGY moorings, sometimes placed so close to existing moorings that they could not be used. A local says that the IGY contractors will just cut the existing established private moorings off when they finish the installation of the last 15. Ah well I really prefer to be outside in the bay except that it is so noisy on Friday and Saturday when Gros Islet cranks up the volume.

Spotted in Marin

I had seen this at anchor before and dismissed it as some kind of unseaworthy pirate ship wannabee but got to talking with people who knew the owner/builder/logger who had cut down the trees built the boat sailed it round the world THEN fitted an engine. They cross the Atlantic back to Europe most years.


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