Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had a slow run down so stopped off in Wallilabou. Also I was tired because there were a lot of big bits of tree trunk floating around at the North end of St Vincent. So I was standing up in the cockpit and manualy steering, well with a foot actually, to slalom around them for about two hours. A charter boat was in a Pan Pan situation as they had bent a prop or shaft hitting one.

It was something I had not seen before, most pieces were between 6 and 12 feet whithout any bark but also not bleached or carrying any sealife in the form of barnacles or weed. No recent heavy rain to wash them down in streams either.

Anyway I made it in to Bequia today Thursday and remembered that as tomorrow is good Friday everything will be shut so did my shopping for the Weekend.

The J24 race boats are here from all over the Caribbean, some with motherships and many are out for a final shakedown/tuneup/messup before the races. I saw two spinnaker wraps with much shouting and buck passing over who was to blame. Wish I had had my camera ready! But this pic from another day shows the sort of thing that happened.

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