Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marin Martique

I had had enough of rolling all night so I beat up to Marin checking on the quiet Club Med at the entrance but no volley ball acttion to be seen.

lala, the cruising Canadian family, is still were and Hendrik popped over to see what was going on and asked if he could borrow a gas bottle as the insular French refuse to refill US style gas bottles.

It has been windy on and off and there have been some dragging mostly power boats, perhaps if they used better than 2to1 scope it would help.

There is some labour trouble at the docks again! so the containers full of fresh food from France are not getting through to the supermarkets and some of the shelves are emptying. Just when I want to stock up too.

Oh yes this is what can happen when you clean a fish, recycling the guts etc to the ocean. The airborne pirates arrive!

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