Friday, May 27, 2011


Friendship Rose

This old island schooner, veteran of many an interisland voyage is out of service and getting some attention from island shipwrights. I watched as they tested for rot in the time honoured way with a spike and then set about digging out the rotten planks they found.

Upturned Barge

They made a couple of attempts to pull it over with it partially sunk and sitting at an angle without success. So they have sunk it further and the angle has increased but things seem to be on hold for the moment, at least I have not seen any further attempts.

Snorkeling at Petit Nevis Petit Bayault and on the Devils Table.

I sailed round to Petit Nevis, the site of the old Bequia whaling station and anchored out off one of the great snorkeling spots. There were some shoals of bait fish but nothing like the shoals seen at the Devils Table just off Elizabeth Harbour. Here there were shoals of several different types of bait fish and all being harried into the shallows by a variety of predators.

However this horned box fish was happy to be picking up scraps from the bottom as well as posing for me.

Locals fishing in a bay with a couple of people snorkeling around to direct the setting of the nets.

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