Saturday, May 7, 2011


Just as well as I was about to have to run the engine to charge the batteries. But the sun is shining, my solar panels are putting out more than 20 amps and the bank is coming back up.

It is good to get the hatches open again and the air moving through the boat.

I was down snorkeling off the Devils Table the reef by the entrance to Elizabeth Harbour when I saw Jambalya flying all sail as she came across from St Vincent. A working charter boat she is the first Antillean schooner to be built on Carriacou in many years, once one of the great centres of wooden boat construction in the Caribbean. Crafted by the last master shipwrights on the island, she is an authentic and actual expression of the wooden ship building culture that once dominated the Caribbean. The name Jambalaya is an anagram of their initials. Alwyn Enoe who I saw working on Genesis when we hauled out in Tyrell Bay was one of them.

I thought she might have been competing in Antigua this year like last but not according to the entry list or the results.

Still with entries down to to less than a 100 things are not flourishing. The Heineken in St Maarten being the best attended regatta so far this year.

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