Wednesday, May 4, 2011


“Into every life a little rain must fall”, I don't remember to whom this quote is attributed but it has been falling big time for the last two days in Bequia. I thought it had finished yesterday and as I was a bit fed up with sitting in the boat so went over the the Gingerbread for a fish sandwich [ yum ] and some of Marianne's famous ice cream [ yum yum ] both eaten sitting under the tree and watching the comings and goings as the cruisers scurried around doing the chores on deck and ashore that had been put off during the rain.

I had one of these to do, posting some letters but the rain returned with a vengeance and I sat it out for a while on the bookshop veranda but gave up, got wet, posted the letters and got really wet getting back to the boat.

It continued to rain and I really regretted not having my raincatcher sorted out as I could have filled the tanks with ease. As it was the buckets filled in minutes and I filled my empty containers. I have bailed the dink 4 times in the last 36 hours, it filled up again overnight!

I have grumbled about the wifi in the Caribbean from time to time esp. HotHotHotSpot the supplier with the best coverage but often slow and inclined to drop out. Well they must have upgraded it in Bequia because it was lightening fast yesterday and I watched some online video stuff with almost no delays, caught up with my mail and began sorting out my online poker accounts. Life has got difficult for players with any kind of US connection because the US authorities have shut down the big online US sites. My accounts got caught up in the shutdown as I have used my US bank to make withdrawals in dollars when I was in the US. It will get sorted eventually but some of the big time nosebleed gamblers that are US based are faced with having hundreds of thousands of dollars in frozen accounts.


Cindy Vong uses fish to eat dead skin off clients’ feet in her beauty salon.
But the Arizona Board of Cosmetology went to court and took away her licence, why, well the board alleged the fish were unsafe because they couldn’t be sterilized.

Only in America

Still on a vaguely fishy subject on my last snorkel I came across this mooring block just stuffed with lobsters. I am realy surprised that they have not been harvested by the locals, but maybe they know the season has just closed and this is the lobster equivelent of the finger.

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