Monday, May 16, 2011


I spent time with a charming old girl recently. I was getting to know her really well but It was frustrating me. I tickled her bits, checked for lubrication, but despite a prolonged spin she just was not a goer. She had been interfered with by several locals before she came to me so I was expecting problems.

These old girls are usually reliable and get going without much trouble this one was stubborn and I was getting nowhere. So it was back to first principles and time to get up close and personal and dirty with this rather mucky Scandinavian lady and look for her bleeding nipples.

BTW she is a 2 cylinder Bukh diesel fitted to Anni and Michels Choy Lee and I don't know what the rest of you were thinking about.

In the end I found a blocked up filter that they did not know about hidden in the stern cave behind the fuel tank. The genius who fitted that should be condemned to spend eternity bleeding Bukhs in the tropics with a good swell running and a stinky bilge. None of us could get in there but we found a really skinny young local who wriggled in and by passed the d******* thing. Instant start after we bled things through her nipples again.

So I added to my good karma bank and got a nice meal that I didn't cook. Breadfruit gnocchi, kallalou and fried salt fish. YUM YUM.

More visitors, I heard something come aboard, and got an unexpected flash of a brown booby peeking round my roller furler. Yes I finally had a bird on board Elephants Child.

My next visitor was a real high flier but sadly died on board.

The last visitor was a large lady called Alice. Like many large ladies she took her time but did get settled in. Fortunately her visit was a short one as she is a bit gassy.

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