Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well I made the wrong decision. I should have gone the East side route. I wimped out when I saw the clouds hovering to the east and ran down the west coast in the lee of Grenada which gave me a very pleasant sail but meant that I had to turn on the iron genny for the last few miles butting dead into wind. There was a pod of whales,three I think, south east of Carriacou. I saw them spout several times and one was lobbing his tail repeatedly. I was not close enough to get a pic. I stayed well away as there have been several instances recently of whales colliding with sailboats. The forecast is for an inch of rain tomorrow so I will be scrubbing the decks and collecting fresh water with some strategically placed buckets. Caught nothing today so it is the last of that big Mahi Mahi for dinner tonight!

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