Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well Earnesto blew through well north of us closing the odd airport and a few ferries were cancelled but no real damage has been reported.

Florence will almost certainly be a fish storm and speaking of fish I did get a couple of good shots on my pre Earnesto snorkel on the southerly reef.

The flying gurnard posed very nicely for me as did this shoal of what I think were baby barracuda but the side markings are different from anything else I have seen so could be something else. Also I have not seen cuda shoal before.

Gotta get a better fish book!

The anchorage has settled down and the late arrivals that piled in at the last minute have sorted themselves out although not without a degree of dragging. The holding here is not good throughout the bay. However Stormvogel who anchored in front of me was in a spot that I thought was OK and dragged back towards me. It stopped though well before I got REALLY anxious.

But I was happy enough to go to the Mexican themed pot luck at Clarks Court Bay marina last night where I renewed old acquaintances and met some new people.

One thing that has been missing from the morning announcements is the AA 12 step plan meetings. When I was cruising out here in the 90s there were two or three competing meetings announced most weeks interspersed with the bars 2 for 1 happy hour spiels. Well there was one at last.

AA meeting at Secret Harbor Marina at 0900 Sunday morning. If you want to drink, that is your business. If you want to stop drinking, and need help, that is our business... It is an open meeting ALL ARE WELCOME

Good to know things are back to normal.

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