Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I woke up on Sunday
to the sound of rain rattling on the decks and the bimini cracking in the wind. This was repeated every 20 minutes as short but intense squalls blew through. However as a by product we got great rainbows.

After the weather settled down I went for a tour around the area mostly being nosy about the boats tied up in the mangroves. Along with semi derelicts was this strange looking steel boat which has not moved as far as I know in the last 2 years.

Still I suppose it is a cheap place to store a boat.

One of the local marinas has become the music centre and the Whisper Cove Jam sessions are well attended. The guy in the narrow brim hat blowing the soprano sax was really good
but every body was having a ball.


The first scare of the season is looking like it might be serious,
I am moving my readiness up a couple of notches as the big blob to the East is heading for Grenada. The various forecast tracks having it going South of us, right over the top of us and North of us. Currently the consensus is showing it blowing through to the North of Grenada with heavy rain and gusts to 35knots down here. There is lots of chatter on the VHF and boats in the more exposed anchorages are on the move to safer spots.

Yup it is filling up around me.

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  1. Have you met Mike and Rebecca Sweeney on Zero to Cruising yet (they too are in Grenada)? They are fabulous folks. I've been reading their blog from the beginning and met up with them when I was in the BVI last year. You should seek them out if you haven't met them yet. Tell them 'hi' from me.