Thursday, August 2, 2012


The center of the approaching bad weather has moved two or three islands North of us. So all the people who had been taking it easy and watching the Chicken Littles run around headless have been saying " I told you so ".

It is still going to be pretty wet down here but the maximum winds are now only 20knts and from the SE which is basically direction of the prevailing wind so the normal anchorages will give their usual protection.

But the followers of Extra Careful Jones have moved in around me and second anchors are being checked out and readied for deployment.

Anyway I am off for a snorkel on the outside reef this afternoon as things will be stirred up for a few days and the viz will be poor.


  1. Glad to hear it will pass you too the north. I was surprised how far from the center the seas are stired up. Summer has almost arrived here and the TV is olymics wall to wall. Have fun.

    1. The wind which is basically easterly will swing through west and south and it is the 20 knot south wind which will raise a southerly swell and kill the viz.

      Which it duly did!