Tuesday, August 7, 2012


MONDAY I slept in and missed the morning radio net but that was no big deal, a quick check on the internet weather sites and I was ready to go to town to do some paperwork. Fortunately I checked the Grenada Cruisers Facebook page before I left. It is a local holiday, businesses are closed.

TUESDAY Missed the start of the net again! Maybe I need an alarm. Bit of argy bargy between some of the curmudgeons after the net so I switch the VHF off while I do some boat work then get ready to go to town. I am just about ready to drop the dink when this goes past, It is the boat that ferries the workers out to Calivigny Island. Strange I think to myself, it is mid day, why are they going home early.
Turn the VHF back to find it is all this mans fault.

Kirani James winning Grenada's first ever gold medal is worth ANOTHER holiday and businesses will again be SHUT!

When asked how it felt to win the Caribbean island nation's first medal, he said: "It's a very proud feeling, very proud, just proud of everybody, what we've been through. I am just happy.

"It's probably crazy at home right now. There's probably a huge road party right now in the streets so I don't think there's any words that can describe the celebration," he said.

YUP it is party time ashore.

I will have to try again on Wednesday, but no worries, I am on Island Time.

Pretty sunset.

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