Saturday, August 11, 2012


One of the less welcome sounds on a boat is a dripping noise. I tracked it down and it was good news it was fresh water. So a hunt the leak campaign started, as the chief suspect was in an area that I would find difficult to get into I was reduced to taping a camera to a stick and using the delay option. Eventually I decided it was the accumulator and mugged a passing small boy with a promise of some ice cream and coke tokens to remove it.

A had my doubts as I could see the base and that was in good order, but got a replacement from the chandlers, keeping the receipt.

However once Jago got it out it was immediately obvious that it was rusted out and the new one was fitted. Normal water service was resumed.

Jago imported his dad as mentor and dad did have to apply a little brute force but Jago did nearly all the work.

However when the subject of ice cream tokens was mentioned he said what he really wanted was a go in my dinghy. It turns out that he was having a severe case of dinghy envy as his family dink was powered by a 5 hp and would only JUST plane one up.

My little pocket rocket planes easily 5 up with power in reserve.

Conditions cooperated with flat water in the anchorage and Jago was soon seen zipping around with siblings aboard and a BIG GRIN on his face. >br>
SUNSET Some nights I think the Lords of the Sunset say "STUFFIT LETS USE THE LOT"

Tonight was one of them

This was only part of the show.

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