Thursday, September 20, 2012


Bottom scraped, propeller cleaned, diesel and water topped up and I am off up to Carriacou from Grenada tomorrow as the winds are favourable.

Again it is the only yard that can fit me in at this time of the year. Not the plushest but rumour has it that they have a shower with a lock and a light now and the goats have been evicted, well mostly.

For some reason my new glasses which came from China cost a fifth of the Grenada price sailed through customs but a random selection of goods have been held up and am on my third visit to try to extract them.

Visit 1 told they need invoices. Explained invoices were in packages. Not acceptable.

Visit 2 returned with invoices. told I need a C 14 signed by customs. My Current C 14 is not acceptable.

Visit 3 returned with a new C 14. told I need a C 14 signed by customs DETAILING all the information on the invoices.

Epaulitits strikes.

A well I like visiting the friendly customs officer at Le Phare Bleu. My blinds will have to wait till after the haul out.

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  1. Ah the pleasure of dealing with officialdom. Do they make the rules up as they go along, of course they do. If you ask for an official written copy of the rules you will never see your goods. Jobsworth, the same the world over.