Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley

Now I picked my spot in the boatyard carefully.
On the windward side so I would not risk someone upwind dry sanding epoxy. This is mission critical as I am allergic to epoxy dust. Nobody was doing anything dusty and messy like grinding steel on either side when I first looked. No pile of goat poo concealing a mega ant's nest below us and we were near a security light. On Monday I knew I had got it right and went to bed with a smug mug. .

Today Tuesday it all went horribly wrong. They start a building site right in front of my bow. Dirt, stoor, grit, cement dust etc all start coming my way. Then to add insult to injury the guys doing the rebar work set up right in front of my bow and were just starting the angle grinder when I spotted them For those who don't do this sort of stuff, the dust from grinding steel or iron get embedded in glassfibre and paintwork somehow and as they rust you get brown flecks, yes it's bad Elephants Child would have developed freckles. I mean who ever heard of an elephant with freckles.

I marched over ready to do battle and eying the power lead ready to pull it out. However when I explained the problem they moved to the other end of the yard. But I will still have to keep the hatches closed to keep the dirt out and the heat will build. The decks are already filthy and will get worse.

Ah well at least we have no ants so far and the donkey is quiet,

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