Monday, September 24, 2012


I had picked my spot and negotiated with the boat lift driver to be the first haul so there I was hot to trot at 8 am.

Which in fact was a struggle because for the second night in a row the thunder gods were angry, the wind gods were howling and the lightning fairies were on bonus.

So there I am at 8.00 well 8.15 to be truthful but what the heck it's ISLAND TIME.

8.45 and there is still no sign of the boat lift. Now I been doing work on my second cup of coffee so was only just coming too but thought I will go and look.

After all 8.00 9.00 same time it's ISLAND TIME.

Well the engine won't start. However they get it going by balancing a 5 gallon container of diesel on the engine box roof and gravity feeding the sucker. Well the non sucker as that had been the problem.

As before the main man gets in the water with a snorkel and mask to make sure he has the slings in the right places and out I come. My spot is free of goat poo
but we have plenty chickens and BLOODY BLIND ROOSTERS.

Anyway I had a productive day and a first class shower at the end of it, with a door and a lock and a light and some hooks for clothes so made it back to the boat to see if the wifi is working which it is well sort of.

The sky is lighting up every few minutes so that might be the cause.

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