Saturday, September 29, 2012


It had looked a little uncertain at one point if I was going to make it back into the water this Saturday.
The local wooden boat that they had had to pull unexpectedly was sitting behind me and the space it was going into was occupied by another fishing boat who was supposed to be splashed today but was running on island time.

I talked to the guys working on the wooden boat and it turns out to be just 14 years old built in Petit Martinique but the wood they use for the planking is not very resistant to the dreaded ship worm and some of its planks were wormy.

Any way people arrived, the fishing boat got splashed and then it was my turn. I need to have a little time over the edge of the slip to deal with the centre board but it was all sorted out and it was good to be back in the water, bilge checked for leaks [ none found ] and was told I can stay at the dock till Monday am if I want to. But I will probably refit my back stay and move out into the anchorage if I can get some help from the fishing boat parked in front of me. It is all a bit tight on the dock just now.

Tyrell Bay Boatyard Zoo

We have chickens. One of which is actually laying on a boat in storage.

We have goats.

We have sheep. At least I think they are sheep but they could be different goats.

We have iguana. The locals spear them and hunt them with guns EEK! Guess we have some tough boatyard iguanas.

We have a very vocal donkey in earshot but not actually seen in the yard.

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