Sunday, July 7, 2013


The Flying Buzzard has returned to Clarks Court Bay with Uisge Beatha
still tied alongside. The holes have been patched with ply in preparation for the tow down to Trinidad where the hull which all that is left of the boat cost 3.8m will be cut up for scrap and the lead in the keel recovered. Better than just sinking it! The Flying buzzar had also recovered the deck of another boat and I went to sleep wondering if mad Mike was going to attempt to make something from the two halves
but a glance at the starboard side of Uisge Beatha soon shows that to be unlikely.

I was ashore this morning scrounging some net from the local fishermen and came across them preparing the communal pot of fish broth
that will get shared out after todays local boat races. No tuna or mahi mahi here just lots of parrot fish and picasso triggers, the pretty reef fish which they catch in fish pots.

The kick off for the races was supposed to be 10. am but as usual there is slippage and it is coming up for midday and no boats have been launched so far. It is island time!
Well the race started and these guys look like they are the boys to beat.
Well ahead of the next two.
Blue sail gave me a scare but by pinching a little he scraped past.

I am off to Rodgers beach bar on Hog island for the Sunday barbeque and cruisers gam.

Everybody is going to be talking about invest 95L which is likely to turn in to named storm Chandelle. Forecast models put Chandelle as going well North of Grenada probably hitting Dominica in the Northern Antilles.

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