Thursday, July 25, 2013


With the wind and the squalls I did not feel comfortable taking the boat to the dock so for the first time
I jerry canned some water from the dock to the big boat by dinghy. Thanks to Shadofax for the loan of the jerry cans.

I am out at Calivigny island enjoying the view that people pay 1/2 a million a week for. Scraped half the bottom today and will do the other half when I feel like it. No pressure aboard Elephants Child except when Missy Underfoot wants fed.

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  1. Well I might finally get to meet you! I am going to be in Grenada for twenty days October 11-31. I won a 10 day charter sail through the Grenadines on Sophisticated Lady... so will be on the boat the first 10 days and then on land on Grenada. I am hoping you will be there.... we are going to a party at the Marina Friday eve I arrive and then a beach party Sat. I know you're not big into parties but I really hope you'll be there.