Saturday, July 13, 2013


After the airways being full of panic and poor preparation as the first storm of the year blew by well to the North things have slowed down again and the skies are blue with small trade wind clouds drifting by.
Breakfast with the cruisers net on channel 66 is a good start to the day, do I want to play cricket [ no ] , join the Hash House Harriers for an aggressive walk through mud and streams [ no ] , Tai Chi on the beach [ yes ] , water aerobics bring your own noodle [ no ] I will get my water exercise cleaning my waterline and a jazz night at the museum [ yes ].

OK that is the day sorted. Must attack my email backlog, but time to play with Dizzy Sox. If you have ever bought up a kitten you will know that if she wants to play it is somewhat difficult to do anything else without resorting to the weapon of mass destruction the water pistol. I have a few toys set up for her but sometimes she just wants to play with me well attack me.

However I must remember that August is coming and the great Capes Verdes hurricane factory is likely to get into mass production firing big whirly things across the Atlantic.

Still it is quiet here and my coffee is tasting extra good.

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  1. Basking in 30 degrees here, very weird a British summer with a shiny gold thing in a blue sky. I bet no one has the courage to utter the D R O U G H T word after last year.
    A Brit won Wimbledon, what more could we ask for. Well back to back Tour de France + Ashes win, this weather to last for another 6 weeks. And maybe my tomatoes to grow.