Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shuffling my feet and singing in the rain.

Well it blew hard all last Friday night, 28 to 32 knots with a couple of 40 knot squalls with heavy rain to liven things up a little. I did not see or hear of anyone dragging. The holding here in Clarks Court Bay is pretty good.

But I did not get much sleep with the boat moving the rain blatting down and the big awnng on the next door boat doing a machine gun impression at regular intervals.

Dizzy Sox has a new name,
she is now Missy Underfoot. I have had to learn to do the old geezer shuffle to avoid standing on her as I move around the boat.

Iris and Luanna from Shaitan fly out tomorrow, Luanna is a boat kid who has been home schooled on board but desperately wants to go to a regular school on land.
The boat kids have had a great time as there are quite a number here this year and there has been a couple of weeks of activities organized for them culminating in a coconut boat regatta.

Caught a nice tuna on the short sail around the dolphin rocks, the line had only been out 5 minutes when it hit. Missy Underfoot was not impressed by the whole sailing fishing thing until she got a piece of tuna. No more dry cat food for this prima donna.

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