Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It will be an early start for us tomorrow leaving St Pierre for Dominica at 6 am for the 60 mile sail up to Portsmouth harbor.

I will be loading up on the Camenbert
and red wine before I leave Martinique.

We also leave behind an island which is in shock over a gang shootout in a bar that was closed for a private party. It shocked us too as we were anchored right off that bar in St Annes. Two young men were killed, one is critical and 5 more are hospitalized with gun shot wounds.

PS I like my Camenbert runny, eating the one above would be infanticide!


  1. Agree about the Camembert. Shooting far to close for comfort. I suppose that gang related crime in the Caribbean is not that unusual. I have never seen the green flash, maybe sometime soon.

  2. Dreadful news from St Lucia. Keep safe