Monday, January 20, 2014


I had expected to find just an average day but the viz was exceptional and along with the usual guys I saw these.

I was using a better camera and the results were a little better than my old snapshot cheapie.

The recent news about a British sailor being killed in St Lucia during a boat invasion is running around the Caribbean liveaboard community like wildfire. The tragic and pointless killing comes on the heels of another pointless attack during a another boat invasion in another island which I would have said was one of the safest to visit.

I guess we all have to rethink our safety precautions and after a recent demo of the 12 bore flare gun shot at near point blank range pretty much failing to impress I want a better deterrent. A water pistol filled with ammonia and panic button operating lights and a really loud horn are on the TO DO list ASAP. Well any excuse to browse ToysRus and a Auto store will do..


  1. Perhaps you should have kept my Christmas present. It didn't get passed customs this end anyway.
    Guess I wasn't over cautious after all.

  2. No it would be a good thing to have. The gun nuts are all debating the merits of an AK 47 over a Mac 10 versus a Magnum 357. I am thinking about some kind of motion sensor triggering the lights and alarm but having a hyperactive you cat complicates the choice of location.

    Just looked at the world murder rate stats maybe the UK is not so bad after all, one of the least likely places to be murdered in.