Sunday, January 12, 2014


After months of enjoying a sundowner we were rewarded with a
green flash like this one. My favorite anchorage came through for us and we had a perfect green flash moment.

Patricia turned 70 so we went out to Ti Sable for a celebration.

Patricia stuck to the house wine and then the house cat joined in the celebration. A lovely marmalade guy called Remy who was very well behaved even though his head would appear under your arm he never once got on the table or used his teeth to emphasize a point .

We have had some wild and
wet weather but you know what they say “No rain no rainbows”.

40 knot squalls at 3 am saw some serious dragging but luckily it was not us or anyone in front of us.

Grand Anse d'Arlet has some really fine snorkeling

I spotted these cleaner fish on duty over this coral head, a smallish moray eel and a fairly big lionfish out in the open for once.

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  1. We took a sabbatical from september 2012 until july 2013 and sailed back and forth from Guadeloupe to Grenada with our little 33 feet sailing boat (now sold...). My sister joined us in Martinique but she was staying in an apartment so we stayed in Grande Anse for quite a long time, and loved it!

    Actually we loved all the islands we visited so I'm really enjoying reading your blog and reliving this very happy time of our life!

    We can't wait to come back!

    Take care and keep up the caribbean news!