Monday, January 27, 2014


Good fast beam reach up to the Saintes. I entered through the windward channel so as to be able to sail into the anchorage Pain de Sucre but it always gives me a frisson as I head in waiting to identify with certainty the marks that give you the safe line.

It was amazing to see more boats motoring with no sails up than actually bothering to hang the rags on the sticks and get that perfect moment when the motor goes off and the boat comes alive doing what it was designed to do SAIL.

The system where we have to take a mooring in Terre Haute has been relaxed and it is now possible to anchor behind the mooring buoys, however we may stick it out at Pain de Sucre as it looks like it is less rolly there even though the ride in to town in the dinghy is WET WET WET to coin a phrase.

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