Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The regatta is over and
it had great conditions except maybe for the slowest boats on the round the island race when the wind died late afternoon and quite a few retired and motored in. Susy on Spirited Lady of Fowey stuck it out though and ghosted over the finish line in time to see the sun setting.
Some of the local Carriacou sloops have blagged spinnakers for the light air conditions.
Some of the smaller boats had difficulties staying upright possibly due to various mind altering substances that had been inhaled or ingested.

At the last moment I decided I would use the dink to go and watch and pass on the offer to join the Rum Runner.
My weight might have been the last straw but I guess there is some buoyancy left in those Wharram hulls. I would not have liked it because the dub music was BOOMING OUT from their giant speakers.
It was a great sunset last night starting off with the subtle pinks and purples then we had the spectacular bit.

If Uwe the local machinist completes my new centerboard pulley today I will be off down to Grenada on Thursday.

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