Sunday, August 10, 2014


Great sail down in light wind conditions, the second in a row. Still moving along nicely at 6/7 knots even with one reef in. The forecast had suggested the possibility of squalls so I was being prudent.I only had about 5 miles to go when the first couple arrived with heavy rain and only slightly increased wind. Still I had rolled the headsail away just in case both times.

So when I saw the third one coming and no different from the first two I got lazy and left the headsail out. This one came with 30 knots and I got soaked put the headsail away. I should know better, and so should Dizzy who decided that the bottom step of the fixed ladder was a good place to be during the squall. We were both soaking wet. Still soon dries out here.

I tried fishing but there is just too much weed to troll, I think the lag between dropping the lure and getting weeded was only a minute or two. So I gave up.

Big thunderstorm this evening over the anchorage in St Georges.

No pics as the wifi is very slow tonight coz it is SPICE MAS. [ Carnival ]

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  1. Good old Murphy sucker punch. Still no damage to you, dizzy or the sails so all's well. Maybe Dizzy's ego was bruised a bit which I am sure will be your fault. Sunshine will soon cure all ills.