Tuesday, August 19, 2014


As Jenny and Bob have finally lost the marina back to the bank and a new consortium is beavering away to reorganize everything on shore and n the water there is no place for me to fill up my tanks here in Clarks Court Bay.

So it is off round Hog Island to Mt Hartman bay and Secret Harbor Marina for some water and diesel. I don't really need the diesel but like the security of having the tank topped right up in hurricane season just in case. It has been twenty years since I made this short but reef strewn passage and I was a little anxious as I powered out of CCB.

No worries! I had good sun over my shoulder and they announced their presence clearly even the sneaky brown ones could be clearly seen.

So here I am back in CCB with full tanks. I stopped off at Nirvana [ I said the gang is all here ] to see how Morgan Dodge and Lindsey were getting on as he is missing his mast. It turns out that he was on passage down here and spotted one of his mast stays had several broken strands. It turns out that many of his stays had broken strands and he was very lucky not to have had his rig come down.

Anyway his mast is with the riggers and bits are on their way from France. Nobody stocks 25mm turnbuckles and 19mm wire out here.

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