Saturday, August 16, 2014


Well it sort of felt like I was coming home as I passed the reef off Hog Island and turned into Clarks Court Bay. My favourite anchor spot was open and the gang is all here some with tales to tell of derring do on the high seas and others with who has the current best buy on beer. Morgan is sitting there on his huge catamaran Nirvana but he is missing his mast so I gotta visit and find out what the story is. Yes I am nosy.

I like to swim from the boat but anchored where I am I like to do it only on an incoming tide to ensure no nasty surprises however one thing I can't stand is the feel of seaweed on my legs.

So no swimming for the moment.

Lots of jobs to get organised for and the list starts from Monday when the winches get stripped.

Pretty sunset last night.

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