Monday, February 2, 2015


It is first light, Castenada described it as " THE CRACK BETWEEN THE WORLDS " and I am awake. One of the things that is different out here is the lack of a dawn chorus. Even in urban Stopsley there would be large chorus group singing their little hearts out most mornings.

Out here not so just a few and they are quite muted. But not so this morning. As the rosy fingers of dawn dragged thewselves over the horizon and lit up Elephants Child, there was very loud if not varied birdsong and some other muted rhythmic tapping and scratching. As this was unusual I dragged myself up to check thing out. Several small brown birds were lined up on my solar panels and they were giving it there all as if Simon Cowell was the to be the judge. The scrabbling was coming from Dizzy who was going totally apeshit in his efforts to reach them.

Zipping back and forwards on the stern up on to the dink, running round to get on the bimini but it was all a jump to far for him. The little brown birds ingnored him and carried on singing.

Deciding all was OK I retired back to bed while I waited for the morning net but I was surprised by a sudden cut off in the noise and Dizzy coming below as if rocket propelled.

I had a look in case something had gone wrong to find this fine fellow had taken up residence on my panels.

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