Saturday, February 14, 2015


Well it is a bit of a change from the the last time I was here mid Feb. The flower beds are blooming there are buds on the trees and even a little show of cherry blossom in one shopping mall with day time temps. in the mid 60s..

Back in 2013 the daytime temp struggled to get to zero, the flower beds were under a foot of snow and the trees were still bare. I was also clearing snow off the car about one morning in 3.

I don't usually sit by the window but there was a problem with seat allocations and plane types so I found myself by a window and got some stunning shots of the perfectly round con trail that we were flying alongside, the Mississippi delta and the bayous. We had a prolonged sunset as we were chasing the setting sun.

With it being Presidents day weekend i was worried about it being very crowded but so far so good as you can see.

However I am a little bit pissed off as I was getting my confidence back and going for it on a reasonably steep bit when this telemarker came past. Now what is special about this telemarker is he got his Alta blue button this year which means he skis for free. How do you get the button well you just have to prove you are 80 years old.

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