Saturday, February 28, 2015

I BUY SOME CAT CRAP and it gets busy at Alta

I have had to use goggles due to frequent snow showers and I had trouble with my glasses misting up. My little tube of French anti mist had run dry so I went into the ski shop to get a replacement. They did not have the French stuff but offered me some cat crap. "CAT CRAP?" I said, yup "Cat Crap"

Even though it was a work day it was clear that lots of locals had taken a snow day and the slopes were full and there were lift queues for the first time for me.

Well the Cat Crap works and the lift lines moved quickly and in a very well mannered fashion. I remembered back to my days skiing in Italy and Italian lift lines. Constructive queueing techniques were required to avoid going backwards in the disorderly pile with no liftie controlling access.

Italians queueing?

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