Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Salt Lake City here I come. Got through Miami immigration with only an hour wait, to find Customs wanting to inspect my bags and that such inspection can only be carried out by certain officers who were in short supply. Another hour wait for a two minute X ray check.

I was looking to go to Canada this year and ski something called the powder highway. A string of resorts in the Pacific North West. I could not find flights that worked at a reasonable price and lodging would have been costly so I reluctantly booked to go back to SLC.

This has turned out to be a lucky decision as the pineapple express has been in action delivering wet warm storms to the PNW one after another. Most of the lower resorts closer to the coast have had to close due to a lack of snow. This weekend in places it was raining up to 9,000ft.

Alta Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude are all skiing well and as they are all close to SLC life is good.

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