Saturday, April 18, 2015


I just heard that he died. The UK poker scene will be a much duller place without Dave.

A criminal 'face' a loving father, I was never sure how many kids he had, an amazing kareoke singer and best of all a master of the one liner.

“I can out-fight ‘em, out-fu** ‘em, out-think ‘em, out-drink ‘em, out-sing ‘em and out-bling ‘em.” A comment from him on the internet players.

The night I met him on the tables was a small tournament at the Grovenor Luton. There was some discussion about his new double rings and it turned out that he made them from scratch carving the mould casting then polishing. The gold of course was stolen according to Dave.

When news broke that he had been given just days to live by his doctor, Dave however maintained his trademark wit, responding to an enquiring wellwisher with a classic slice of black humour:

“I’m not saying the prognosis is bad but the doctors told me, if you go out for a meal, don’t bother ordering dessert.”

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