Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wind is down sun is shining and boats are on the move [ except not me ]

This newcomer arrived yesterday.

I do not know what to call the rig, it is a schooner but has a cross yard on the aft mast for a square sail.

Comfortable looking boat anyway.

Matt and Sue on LuLuDu are finally on the move making the short trip round to Grenada marine for their haulout. I think their target date was sometime in January but it's ISLAND TIME.

The sunset was spectacular and I really enjoyed my Dark and Stormy as I have got some special Westerhall rum and genuine fiery Jamaican ginger beer. Finest Kind as Trapper would say.

As I am writing this I am continually fielding Dizzy who has decided to attack the desk fan from another angle and instead of poking a foot in is intent in investigating it with his nose.

" Dizzy it will HURT! "

1 comment:

  1. Why have that cross yard? How would you reef if caught in a squall.
    Obviously Dizzy is not very bright, first the paw and now the nose. Still she has not fallen off the boat for a while.