Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Having a few down days but then got some good news.

Losing my poker table friend Dave and two hang glider pilots that I knew to cancer made me a little more aware of my own mortality.

J R [Nershi] was another larger than life character that I met flying at Telluride and also at the Aussie Worlds. He too loved bluegrass.

Having spent a lot of my time in my youth with friends doing stuff out in the sun in the mountains, I now hear from the friends that they are making regular visits to their dermatologists to have suspect bits of skin cut out. Jenny Ganderton gets one lump free for every ten and is always on at fellow flyers to check their skin. If you read this Jenny congrats on the the latest success at Lake Keepit Soaring Club

Any I found a suspect bit and after keeping it for a week decided a visit to the dermatologist in Grenada was in order. Phoned at 11am for an appointment and got one at 1 pm same day. I wonder how long it would take back in Stopsley?

Went in to town on the bus this afternoon and got the all clear. I will sleep better tonight.

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