Thursday, April 9, 2015

WOW just found Vanessa Mae HOT GAS

Elephants Child is getting a musical upgrade to solid state media storage. So I have been working my way through my MP3 files setting up playlists and moving stuff to the MP3 player.

One important playlist is the storm one. I once had to helm for a couple of hours as the autopilot was not coping when we were surfing and had chill out flute music on repeat when I really needed Bat out of Hell et al. One track that I was looking to improve was my very low grade version of Classical Gas by Mason Williams. Instead I came across Vanessa Mae playing Classical Gas on her Red Hot tour.

I am totally blown away. How have I missed her music for all these years?

I was vaguely aware of her name as she had scammed her way into the Grand Slalom at the Sochi Olympics and although she made it down she was way slower than the other runners, about my speed on a good day in fact.

I am off on a Vanessa Mae hunt and have already found some amazing jazz stuff.

Well the above is classical gas and an elevating discovery but on my everyday cooking gas system I have just made a very sobering discovery. For 7 years I have been sailing with my gas alarm sensor bypassed. I did not do it so someone in the past history of Elephants Child did this bad thing.

So the local gas expert is coming to give my system the once over but I think I will replace everything from bottles to cooker.

He was supposed to be here Thursday morning and it is now after 3 pm. So ISLAND TIME rules.

Finally my Dizzy Sox is limping again. I wonder why?

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