Thursday, January 28, 2010


I thought I would finish off scrubbing my swing keel blade but this pesky cuda keeps hanging about.

I wonder if he has been fed from boats because he was definitely invading my body space.

Discretion won and I did some other jobs including planning how to fit the HF radio, TV and sound system, and was looking forward to an early night when BOOM the band started. This has been a pretty quiet place up until tonight, even the Willy T has been pretty restrained, but these guys are really belting it out.

As Victor Meldrum would say " I don't believe it!"


  1. Don't worry about the Cuda, they don't see you as dinner, you are just a little too big. Yes they hang about below boats and hide in the shadows so bait fish don't see them until it's too late, also interesting scraps tend to fall from the surface. Not sure whether shiny jewelry attract them, might be an urban myth but a lot of fishing lures are shiny so I avoid.
    Now trigger fish when they are protecting their nests will go for divers. The bad thing for free divers is that they protect an inverted cone from the nest to the surface. So the way to get out of the danger zone is to go down not up. Not so easy for a free diver.

  2. My head knows that he is just hanging out and has no intention of biting me but something primitive somewhere is saying "get out of the water now you big idiot".

    I have never had a cuda come in close before. He was often less than four feet away. He was never aggressive just seemed to be waiting on something.