Friday, January 1, 2010


The sun is shining again today and the wind has moderated. It was party time at Yacht Haven Grande on new years eve last night and "Rock the Dock" was doing just that. I had dropped in to be sociable and found myself chatting to someone from Kialoa V.

I had spotted this striking boat anchored in Christmas Cove and had done a double take when I realised I could not see any anchor rode. I like to know if boats are on rope rodes as they lie a little differently than Elephants Child which is on chain.

Even with the binocs there was nothing visible from the bow. I had guessed that there was some kind of below the waterline system and it was nice to have this confirmed. There is a special hatch in the hull underwater which opens up and out drops the anchor.

Now there is something for a really fast old lady!

She is a 79 foot ocean racing maxi converted into a fast cruiser by the Mills family. Mum Dad and one son are enough crew around the Virgins apparently. Mind you just look at that mast, I would not like to grind the mainsail up.

But I am no party animal and as the noise was getting to me I dinghied back home and watched the fireworks, in the rain, before turning in.

You can't see them in the pic but the harbour was full of boats with blue flashng lights keeping people from anchoring too close to fireworks barge. Or just maybe getting a really good view.


  1. A Guid New Year to you John from the frozen north (quite literally)! Hope 2010 brings all you wish for. Regards - Kathy Burgess

  2. A Guid New Year to you John from the frozen north. Hope it brings all you wish for. Regards Kathy Burgess
    PS if this appears twice then you will know that my IT competance has not improved!

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