Friday, January 15, 2010


It could be a wet day off the West coast of Scotland.

The rain started yesterday and the cold front came down during the night and is sitting right on top of the Virgin Islands. It has been drizzling on and off for 36 hours and the wind has really blown up. I am glad that the holding is good here as we are crammed into a corner but so far the only people who dragged are a couple of rafted up charter boats.

Charlotte Amalie is a bowl and the wind is swirling around making all the boats dance on their anchors. I must be getting used to it as I slept through it after getting up and having a look around when it first started howling.

I was going off with a bunch of fellow sailors to see Avatar this evening but may wimp out and stay aboard. It really is not pleasant at all in the anchorage just now.

I have been waiting for the last parcel to arrive from the US but I will see if I can get it forwarded and will be off toward the BVI as soon as the weather settles down.

Itchy feet I guess!

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