Sunday, January 17, 2010


After a brief respite including a good sunset it rained almost all of today. This is getting really old.

Yesterday after a wet start it cleared up long enough for some people to get their wet clothes and towels pegged out to dry, including these two charter boats who were rafted up and propably on a single anchor which is why they appeared to be reversing through the anchorage later on when the squalls returned.

Still it calmed down again for a good sunset. The boat is a CSY 44, the same sort as Pacifico, the boat I nearly bought down in Guatemala.

Any way all this rain today meant that I could watch the two NFL playoff games without feeling too guilty. Mind you to see the player I follow most closely I had to don my rain gear, bail out the dinghy and schlep up to the Fat Turtle where they had the game showing on cable.

Brett Favre the footballer I have followed since I first got interested in American "gridiron" football became the oldest quarterback to start a post season playoff game. At 40 he has retired twice but comes back, not for the money, he is a multimillionaire already, not to be champion he has already won a superbowl but because he just likes to play football.

He is part Choctaw and one of the all time great come from behind fourth quarter survivors. Not that he needed that skill today.

Favre led the Vikings to a 34-3 win in their first playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, throwing four touchdown passes and no intercepetions. It was his first ever playoff win against the Cowboys, following three losses when he was the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

He holds numerous records including one which earned him the title iron man and the respect of fellow players, starting 307 consecutive games.

I just love watching someone who takes joy in what he does and boy o boy does he do it well.

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