Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moved on AGAIN!

Same policeman, different anchorage, asked me to move. This time only a 100 feet but again he wanted it moved now!

It was great to be able to wander up the front, stand on the foot switch and watch the chain rattle into the locker. Then once I had relocated watch it rattle out again under power. I like this electric windlass.

Been snorkeling again today but it is a bit disappointing around here just now as the water is not very clear. The camera works well though even if there is not enough light under water to give a decent picture.

The guy in the dive shop at Red Hook recomended it and said that it is better than the others costing 4 to 5 times as much. The SS 1000 Snap Sights cost a whole $50.

I am going to move on to the BVI in a couple of days and may have some hassle checking out and checking in as my friendly policeman has phoned in to check up on the boats registration. Still it must have happened before and I do have the bill of sale plus a copy of the old registration and the deregistration papers.

It sounds that it is prety grim back in the UK and in parts of Europe as well with much snow little grit or salt and in some cases 'Elf and Hatey' stopping ordinary poeple from clearing the roads. I did like the picture of the wild boars scavanging for food in the uncollected rubbish bags in Buckshaft.

I was really disappointed to hear the 'Elf and Hatey' had been at it again and the Bonspiel planned for the Lake of Menteith was cancelled as the organisers could not get insurance on safety grounds.

I wonder if the organisers of the Bonspiel I played in as a teenager on Loch Leven had insurance. I think it was 1963.

Thanks for those who worried about me not being able to get back into the dinghy from the water. I did have a rope stirrup prepared and was close enough to have been able to swim ashore. I did work out why I had so much difficulty though the first time, I was wearing a T shirt and that created extra friction. This time I was bare chested and slipped over the tubes like a greased ferret up a trouserleg.


  1. Scots are not really in to elf and safty. See http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/game-on-rebel-curlers-ignore-bonspiel-ban-1.997371
    Good on them and facebook for making it possible. I would have loved another opertunity to walk over to the island on lake of mentith even if I did fall on my posterieor once or twice.

  2. As you say the power of the internet. I would have loved to have been there.

    "The roaring game" belongs outside with a wee dram every now and then to keep the cold at bay.