Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beard Trimming Underwater Swimming and Delapidation

Still can't find my electric clippers so gave up and attacked my beard with some scissors. It looks OK and the important thing is I should be able to wear my new prescription snorkel goggles with leaks from rampant whiskers.

The next job for today was to scrub the bottom of the dinghy for as every baby knows a dirty bottom really slows you down. As you can see it has grown a beard too.

Although this Caribe RIB dinghy is great when it comes to going somewhere and it is stable at speed and pretty dry it is much heavier than my old yellow non rib which I had on Carpe Diem and it was a real struggle to turn over so I could get at the bottom. Still with the red neck catch phrase " GIT R DONE" ringing through my mind I puffed pushed and flipped her over.

It was hot work and I had promised myself a snorkel with a chance to play with my new toy an underwater camera. So I anchored the dinghy just off some old posts from a collapsed pier and in I went. I know I know NO DIVER DOWN FLAG, NO DIVE BUDDY and maybe no hope of getting back into the dinghy. This was to be my first attempt to get back onboard from the water.

The amount of fish life was extraordinary but I suppose that was to be expected as it is a National Park and no fishing is allowed.

Lots of coral growth too!

Yes I did get back in the dinghy but it was a struggle. I did not need plan B though [ rope stirrup ].

On the way back I stopped off at this delapidated relic, I wonder how long it had been there and when the rigging failed bringing the mast down.

Returning to Elephants Child I was thinking that it is a year since I had my heart problem, a year that I would not have had but for the skill of Dr Klein and his team.

Somehow it made the sunset just a little more special


  1. "maybe no hope of getting back into the dinghy. This was to be my first attempt to get back onboard from the water. "
    Might have been a good idea to test this in shallow water near to the shore.
    I remember reading about the modern marie celest, coroners report that the crew had gone swimming without putting down a ladder or anchor.

  2. p.s. What kind of underwater camera did you buy?

  3. I posted 2 comments yesterday, they seem to have got lost.