Monday, January 4, 2010


Normally the centre of the harbour is empty which allows the sea planes a clear runway but as the NE corner had been cleared of anchored boats for the fireworks display there were boats anchored across the seaplanes usual routes in and out of the harbour.

But it was all in a days work for the pilots, they just slalomed around the masts and it was business as usual.

I am enjoying the sunset with a Cuba Libre after finally cracking the combination on the plumbing system. In other words I have finally got my s*** together and under full control. I can make it go where ever I want.

The penny finaly dropped and I had a real "doh" moment as I finally understood where all the pipes fed too and from.

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  1. Hi John, thanks for your new year wishes. Our daughter is in the Caribbean; chief stew on a private yacht. They bimbled down from St Lucia via Union Is and Bequia to Mustique for the holiday. It looks beautiful but a bit too hot and sweaty for my temperate metabolism. She will probably be in St Barts for the bucket in March. Take care - Kathy Burgess