Thursday, January 21, 2010

I had forgotten just how spectacular Caribbean sunsets can be.

If you were painting them you would use technicolour acrylics on black velvet and even then I suspect that you could not capture just how strong and vivid the colours are.

The one tonight had three layers of cloud and three stages of colour. My pic did not come out so you will have to make do with last nights sunset shot.

Relaxing in the cockpit with, pelicans diving for their supper around the boat, some jazz, a rum and coke and a sunset to mark the end of the day. It just does not get much better.

I have had a busy day or two with helping out Mack and Rona on Double Time with an electrical problem and meeting Time after Time a cruising boat who knew the previous owners of Elephants Child and were curious about this stranger aboard her, flying the red duster.

The talk got around to the best cruising boats and what beautiful headturners we had seen.

I was championing "Hearts Desire" an elegant old wooden topsail schooner and Mack was in raptures over an 80 foot cat that had just ghosted through the anchorage the previous might under full sail and dropped the hook silently

while Rhona wanted the slide out patio and helipad with MATCHING helicopter.

However we all fell silent when this strange, head turning, catamaran rumbled in with noisy diesels and anchored up.

Just goes to show that ugly works as well.

I went over to Red Hook to pick up something from the chandlery and on the way back spotted a herd of goats heading into the Bank to make their deposits.

If the weather is OK I am off to Cruz Bay St Johns tomorrow and on to Sopers Hole Tortola in the BVI the day after.

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  1. That is one ugly cat. Still I would prefer to be there on an ugly cat than here in the cold, wet winter.