Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am having trouble moving pics again! So you will have to work out what goes where.

Met a British couple who were curious about Elephants Child and we finished up having Sunday lunch at Pirates bar. I suddenly had a flash of homesickness as I WANTED A TRADITIONAL SUNDAY ROAST DINNER! Alas no roast beef, it was a toss up between fresh fish and ribs and as I expect really fresh fish soon I had the ribs. Living aboard before has spoilt me for anything other than really fresh fish, half an hour between sea and plate was the goal, just seems off to me now.

I pootled out after lunch to a nearby rocky island and worked off the carbs in the water. The fish life was spectacular as was the see through cave.

The sun was out and the parrot fish seemed to be shined up and posing at times. It is clear that there is no spear fishing as even the good size fish are happy to come up close.

But there was a somber note in paradise today, I had heard a securite announcement yesterday to be on the alert for a person in the water in the vicinity of Norman Island and today there were boats out towing divers at depth around the anchorage to look for the body.

It took me a while to work out what the orange boat with the two large buoys was doing.

There are all sorts of stories flying around but no one is sure if it was someone who went for a midnight swim or fell overboard or did not return from a scuba session.

Perhaps poeple are mindfull that a couple of powerboat skippers have been jailed over lost "passengers" in the BVI.

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